CEOs all around the world want more sales. More sales means faster growth for the company. More sales means more energy and more momentum. 

They speak openly about this desire. Most aren’t getting the number of sales they need though. Goals are continually missed... what seem to be logical explanations are given… and CEOs sit trying to reconcile the missed needs of the company and not having any answers on how to stop the trend. 

To get close to hitting quota, end of month promotions are over used and profitability suffers. These "promo customers" enter the client journey with low perceived value in the product or service they just purchased because of this discounting. 

Customer service encounters this and morale issues inevitably set in. “Are we really doing great things for our market when even our new clients aren’t excited about their purchase?”

This is a common problem and a difficult one to solve. So difficult that CEOs around the world dare not share their deep dark secret. Yes, not only do CEOs want a high volume of sales, but their secret desire is they wish those sales were all high quality as well. 

But the words “high quality” can’t be spoken. And if they are, the CEO is sometimes accused of not understanding what it takes to hit quota. After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

If the sales team can get a prospect over the line, they will get them over the line. It’s customer service’s job to make them happy. It’s the product or service’s job to get the client to value. 

Sales is going to do what they have to do to hit targets and, as long as they're not doing anything outright unethical, their methods to getting there should not be questioned. 

The CEO is forced into a situation where they must structure their company in a way that allows them to deal with a ranging quality of sales successfully enough to combat against buyer’s remorse, low engagement by new customers, and miss set expectations.

Unfortunately, this dirty little desire for high quality sales is a luxury most don’t ask for since their sales team isn’t consistently hitting the volume of sales either. 

Our newest book, More Sales, Bigger impact is a detailed roadmap to changing this perpetual problem CEO's wrestle with. The mission of this book is help you create an army of Change Agents all around the world who are skillfully equipped to double their sales conversion while dramatically improving the quality of every single sale. 

Because the truth is, you can't have one without the other. High quality sales are THE KEY to closing a high quantity of sales. High quality sales create more confidence and passion in your reps which translates powerfully into their sales calls. High quality sales are the key to generating massive amounts of high quality referrals. Your team's little secret is they want to know how to positively change the lives of everyone they talk to too! They just don't know how to yet. 

You should no longer hide your desire to generate high quality sales. Because that is the very thing keeping your sales team from hitting the sales targets they already have. 
What follows in More Sales, Bigger Impact is not just sales training. Whether you are a sales professional or a CEO, you are about to be given a complete method to that will lead to powerful outcomes at the end of every sales conversation your company engages in. 

You are being given a methodical way to change the world. 

It is a training so powerful, that if put in the hands of an entire sales team, there would be no limit to a company’s growth potential and eventual impact on the market they serve. And to us, it shouldn’t be any other way. Take the first step today and buy the book now!

Sean Greeley, CEO of NPE
  • Sales conversion DOUBLED in just 2 months
  • ​MRR is growing by 16% every MONTH!
  • ​Hiring plan ramped down, drastically increasing profitability
Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox
  • Decided not to backfill an expensive sales leader
  • 27% increase in sales after 9 months
  • ​REDUCED team from 3 sales reps down to 1!
Rudy Rodriguez, CEO of Castro Roofing
  • Decided not to backfill an expensive sales leader
  • 111% increase in sales in 2019
  • ​Maintained high margin targets of their premium level brand
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